Lead Acid Batteries are the Green Solution


100% Recyclable

99.3% Recycle Rate

Public drop-off location within 10 miles of 87% of the US population

Recycling is more efficient than mining and smelting new lead


“When we think of products that have a high rate of recyclability, items like glass, plastic, and newspaper usually come to mind.  Most of us don’t realize that the same battery chemistry that starts your car, stores power to enhance renewable energy utilization, backups critical data centers, and keeps the warehouse industry moving has one of the highest recycling rates on the planet.  No other power source is utilized in more applications with such sustainability.”

~Battery Council International



For additional information on lead acid battery sustainability and recycling, download Battery Council™ International’s Recycling and Sustainability Brochure.

To find a recycling drop off near you please visit Call2Recycle.


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