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The Question –

We have an RG380E/44 battery, S/N: 40450578 that has slight arcing on the negative battery terminal from a loose connection at the connector. We have replaced the aircraft connector but I cannot find any information in the CMM, (5-0171, Rev P), regarding how to repair this condition. Can you advise on how to repair so that I have manufacturers data/recommendations for repair and return to service please?


The Answer –

The battery terminal pins are .375 or 3/8” in diameter. Make sure you remove any copper deposits from the plug socket terminals so the pins will have maximum contact with the airframe plug sockets.

Make a go-no-go gage from a 3/8 drill rod or bolt that you can use to check ALL YOUR AIRFRAME PLUG SOCKETS. There needs to be enough tension on each socket, so that the 3/8” diameter gage will not slip out when the airframe plug is inverted.

The battery terminal pins are silver plated, protect them from corrosion using ACF-50 in the plug sockets.


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