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05/01/08- RG-400E/13 Receives TSO Authorization

Concorde Battery Corporation aircraft battery part number RG-400E/13 has received Technical Standard Order C173 (TSO-C173) authorization. The RG-400E/13 is the latest Concorde Battery recently TSO approved.

RG-400E/13 is a Concorde® Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) main battery used for starting and backup of DC power bus systems. RG-400E/13 is a direct replacement in form, fit and function for an equivalent nickel cadmium model.

RG® Series batteries are the original AGM battery designed for the United States Military. Replenishment of water or electrolyte is never required, providing maintenance free operation in a nonspillable design that operates upright, on its side or end. RG- 400E/13 delivers reliable power and long life, improves aircraft readiness; RG® Series batteries are pre-tested & fully charged in the factory, ship Hazmat Exempt, and are ready to install.

Concorde batteries are certified for installation on more than one thousand aircraft models through Type Certification, 62 STC’s and multiple PMA’s. Concorde is the world leader in aircraft battery technology with over 90 VRLA model part numbers. Recently Concorde was selected by the US Navy to provide an advanced prototype lithium ion battery for the new CH-53K Helicopter. Concorde is the largest supplier of Original Equipment VRLA Batteries with installations on Agusta, American Champion, American Eurocopter, Aviat, Bell, Bombardier / Learjet, Cessna, Cirrus, Dassault, Diamond, Enstrom, Erickson Air Crane, Extra, Found Aircraft Canada, Inc., Gippsland, Grobe, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, JetPROP, Liberty, Lockheed Martin, Maule, Mooney, Northrop Grumman, Piaggio, Pilatus, Piper Aircraft, Robinson Helicopter, Scaled Composites, Schweizer, Sherpa Aircraft, Sikorsky, Slingsby Aviation, Socata and Zlin.

RG-400E/13 Product Page with Specifications

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