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CB24-11 Concorde Aircraft Battery - FAA Certified Aircraft

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Below is a list of aircraft with the Concorde CB24-11 Aircraft Battery certified as a replacement. Please click on a model for the particular certification information.

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) - A36 Bonanza 24V

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) - A36TC Bonanza (24V) 24V

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) - F33A Bonanza 24V

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) - F33C Bonanza 24V

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) - V35B Bonanza 24V

Cessna - 172 Skyhawk 24V
Cessna - 172N Skyhawk 24V
Cessna - 172RG Cutlass 24V
Cessna - 177 Cardinal 24V
Cessna - 177B Cardinal 24V
Cessna - 177RG Cardinal 24V
Cessna - 180 Skywagon 24V
Cessna - 180K Skywagon 24V
Cessna - 182 Skylane 24V
Cessna - 185 Skywagon 24V
Cessna - 207A 24V
Cessna - 210L Centurion 24V
Cessna - 210M Centurion 24V
Cessna - 337 Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337A Skymaster (USAF O2B) 24V
Cessna - 337B Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337C Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337D Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337E Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337F Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337G Skymaster 24V
Cessna - 337H Skymaster 24V
Cessna - A152 Aerobat 24V
Cessna - A185F Skywagon 24V
Cessna - A188 Ag Wagon 24V
Cessna - A188B Ag Wagon 24V
Cessna - M337B Skymaster (USAF 02A) 24V
Cessna - P210 24V
Cessna - P210N Centurion 24V
Cessna - P210R Centurion 24V
Cessna - P337 24V
Cessna - P337H Skymaster 24V
Cessna - R182 Skylane 24V
Cessna - T182 Skylane 24V
Cessna - T182T Turbo Skylane 24V
Cessna - T188C Ag Wagon 24V
Cessna - T207A 24V
Cessna - T210 24V
Cessna - T210L Centurion 24V
Cessna - T210M Centurion 24V
Cessna - T337 24V
Cessna - T337B Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337C Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337D Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337E Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337F Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337G 24V
Cessna - T337H Skymaster 24V
Cessna - T337H-SP Pressurized Skymaster 24V
Cessna - TR182 24V
Cessna - TU206G 24V
Cessna - U206G 24V
Piper Aircraft - PA-23-250 (Navy UO-1) 24V
Piper Aircraft - PA-36-285 24V
Piper Aircraft - PA-36-300 24V
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