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Free Military Aircraft Backgrounds Courtesy of the DOD and Concorde Battery:

US Air Force LogoConcorde has gathered together some high resolution imagery from various sources to provide these military ESM Aircraft and Recon Aircraft of the past in flight, operations, takeoff and landing. These high resolution Military Aircraft images, Bomber Images, and Aircraft photos are copyright free, attained under the FOIA, published by the DOD. These images, in various resolutions and screen sizes, are Free for you to use as you please. Many use these aircraft images as a desktop background for their computer, be it windows, mac, or linux.
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Understanding Background Sizes

Aircraft Imagery by Size:
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SR-71 Retirement Sunsets

SR-71 Retirement Sunsets
With new funding, a new home, and new personnel, the Blackbird flies again.
Available Sizes: 2560X1536 jpg or 2580X1600 jpg

Freezing Blackbird

Freezing Blackbird
Usually cold freezing rains near Lackland AFB in Texas chilled this Blackbird to tears.
Available Sizes: 2560X1536 jpg or 2580X1600 jpg

Chase Vehicle's View of U-2 Landing

Chase Vehicle's View of U-2 Landing
Chase cars follow each takeoff and landing of a U-2. Here the rain makes for a great photo.
Available Sizes: 2560X1536 jpg or 2580X1600 jpg

U-2 Dragonlady at Sunset

U-2 Dragonlady at Sunset
Southwest Asian Sunset makes for a nice backdrop to a Dragon Lady photo.
Available Sizes: 2560X1536 jpg or 2580X1600 jpg

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