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Aircraft Battery Accessories

Concorde Battery Corporation offers a complete line of aircraft battery accessories including battery chargers and analyzers, battery temperature sensors, battery connectors and more. Please note that the temperature sensors can be installed on all of Concorde's RG-380E/L and RG-390E/L series and various other models of Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid aircraft batteries. Click on the "Outline Drawing" button found on each temperature sensor page to determine applications for various other battery models.

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Battery Chargers
BatteryMINDer Model 12248-AA-S5 - 12V, 8A
BatteryMINDer Model 24041-AA-S5 - 24V, 4A
BatteryMINDer Model 12248-AA-S2 - 12V, 8A
BatteryMINDer Model 24041-AA-S2 - 24V, 4A
BC-8000 Battery Charger & Capacity Tester
BC-9000 Battery Charger
Battery Temperature Sensors
Concorde`s TS-C2A Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C3 Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C4 Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C5 Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C6 Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C6A Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C11A Temperature Sensor Kit
Concorde`s TS-C11B Temperature Sensor Kit
Battery Connectors
Concorde`s Battery Quick Disconnect - Part number 4000
Concorde`s Battery Quick Disconnect - Part number 4002
Concorde`s Battery Quick Disconnect - Part number 4010
Battery Test Equipment
BC-5000 Battery Capacity Tester
BC-6000 Battery Capacity Tester
BC-7000 Battery Capacity Tester
BC-8000 Battery Charger & Capacity Tester
Concorde`s FR-1 Aircraft Battery Hydrometer
Concorde`s Parasitic Load Test Adaptor (PLTA)
Battery Heater Control Units
HCU-1 Heater Control Unit Assembly
HCU-2 Heater Control Unit Assembly
HCU-3 Heater Control Unit Assembly
HCU-4 Heater Control Unit Assembly
Miscellaneous Battery Accessories
Concorde`s Elbow Barbed Coupling Assembly - Part Number 5-0349
Concorde`s Coupling, Single-Barbed - Part Number 8086
Concorde`s Elbow Vent Adapter - Part Number 8003
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